beware of these twitter accounts



Email – Matt using Russian Disinformation Campaign

Email – Great scoop Matt! No one in Flint ran the story and no one thought it was a good scoop anywhere

Blog – Matt lives in alternate realities where he isn’t a stalker, isn’t alone on Xmas, and actually has success HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

12 25 2017 xmas12 28 2016 Xmas gifts8 15 2016 xmas early karmaxmas-came-early

Email – If Matt filed a federal case, it would be laughed at for hours – and he never did this. HAHAHAHAHA

Email – Matt wants everyone to turn against the anonymous bloggers…. HAHAHAHAHAHA they never will. No one can stop us. We are legion. We are forever. Matt creates enemies every where and we make new allies.

Email – Matt has screenshots that no one else can see that show her threatening… because he’s nuts