VIDEO – our spy got some great footage off an old drive


Proof that Matthew is editing his replies

twitter matt edits posts HIGHLIGHT


Matt is egoless and playing a part…. and when the character gets attacked, he gets suicidal and wants to file a restraining order against the people Matt harasses. Very confusing.

Matt has said plenty worse than this

jabba the cunt6 11 2017 gotcha bitch6 11 2017 hiding like a bitch4-14-2016-beat-your-face-inframed for a crimesean-SF-01sue-nbc-01matty B 005Facebook Harassing woman00000-Generic-Facebook-Message-from-Matthew-Berdyckal chavez racist commentdeath threat kill deadErnest Halcon March 2017hackersjillian 16 year old 000jillian 16 year old 001jillian 16 year old 002Joe Kravitz 01John Smith messageJohnDoe-3-CENSOREDkrista rockiokrista rockio2kristenliablemarjorie-messagemarjorie-message2mittaka longfellownay from guitar groupRick ThibeaultRick Thibeault2Ron-Ronson2Ron-Ronson3single momskqixvtTheo Maximilian Goble 01Theo Maximilian Goble 02Twitter never said anything like this

facebook threatsMatthew Berdyck 2015-02-05 23-48-15 THREAT FACE POUNDED INMatthew Berdyck june-2-2015-01 THREAT VIOLENCEmatt threatens Joe in Front Royalmatthew berdyck death threatroni evans threatBerdyck THREAT to neighbor in virgnia2 6 2017 Lies and Threats 012 6 2017 Lies and Threats 022 8 2017 rant 003 threat against Roger3 14 2017 Jennifer McDonald Threat4 24 2017 threatens to show up armed3 25 2017 threats jenniferMatthew Berdyck 2015-02-05 23-48-15 THREAT FACE POUNDED IN cancer


Matt lies about being a former comedy writer for Adult Swim – VERIFIABLY UNTRUE – Keith Crawford spoke to national working journalist and said Matt never worked there and sent disturbing messages to him

6 7 2018 catty candrell MEME replies