And that’s it….

We have been asked by the investigation to no longer post on this blog as they wrap up their case.

Justice and truth have been served.

Peace. Namaste.


Author: Willy White

a bad ass monkey with a banana in his tail pipe!

5 thoughts on “And that’s it….”

  1. I’m sad to see the blog end, it was becoming a part of my routine. I’d wake up, drink my morning coffee, smoke that first cigarette, and see what updates were posted. Hopefully everything works out though and in the end justice gets served.

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  2. Make sure to leave it up because it’s been submitted for a DoJ investigation into potential hate crimes committed against Matthew Berdyck.

    IP Address:


  3. Marjorie Bard’s SEO proxy recruitment super trolls have published no less than 200 blogs attacking me today. They have caused me to be harassed by over 500,000 people so Monsanto can destroy my non-profit superfund research organization. If you placed a hot dog stand on every superfund site in the United States, you would have a restaurant chain the size of Denny’s. Have I mentioned I am a nationally syndicated filmmaker who has done work for Grammy Nominee Jordan Rudess and written for Adult Swim. Give me money!

    – That’s my impression of Fat Matt

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  4. Marjorie Bard is a Deep State fake news COINTELPRO operative trying to suppress my toxic waste education campaign. She is the ringleader of a troll vigilante group which has been psychologically torturing me on the internet since 2011. There’s also no evidence Marjorie Bard is a real person.

    – Fatty Bird Dick


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