Is the FBI helping blogs attack an innocent man?

My name is Matthew Berdyck.  I am a national working professional filmmaker that has worked with major cable networks, Grammy Nominees, numerous industry legends, and I’m the founder of 

Matthew Berdyck has never been paid as a filmmaker, so professional does not apply. He does not “work” and his films are horridly bad. Matt has never worked with a Cable Network, never held a job or has been paid in any way from a major or minor cable network.

You have probably never heard of me, in spite of my prolific work, because the media refuses to write about me, and has done so for six years, so my existence has been completely buried by lack of coverage, ironically.

No, the media has not written about Matt or his fake project because he lies. Matt has no information and when any journalist looks into him, they find out he is a fraud.

I have been a cyber stalking victim for over six years, on a magnitude that so large, that’s it’s unbelievable, so unbelievable that I often don’t believe it’s happening, myself.

Stalking other people does not make him a victim.

It’s unbelievable because it is not true.

As I type this, I’m sitting in a grungy motel in the middle of nowhere, hiding from this group of deranged sociopaths because they’ve taken another home from me.

Makes total sense. Seriously. Not a paranoid delusion at all.

I’ve tried to hire attorneys to sue these people, but when I speak to a lawyer, they say, “I’m not getting involved in this,” and that’s the end of it.

Of course they aren’t getting involved. Matt is a crazy person and none of this is real.

Ignoring them makes no difference, because I get so much traffic

No. He does not. Matt only gets views when he pays. No one would know that fat bastard was alive unless he paid money.

I am going to stay homeless until the FBI intervenes and forces this group, and everyone involved with them, to stop stalking me.

Note to idiots, do not email or message the people you claim are stalking you over and over again.

I created a post on Facebook, used my social media magic

That’s Matty’s way of saying he paid $300 to promote the facebook post. He even said so himself on Facebook.

A friend of Jennifer McDonald’s came to me and started threatening me, telling me the “old boys” were “watching me.”  He repeatedly threatened me with violence. 

And the screenshots don’t exist because this never happened.

At first, I ignored the threats, because truth be told, it’s really not a day until someone threatens to murder me.  

Sounds totally normal. That’s how a sane person lives with threats of murder daily.

I’ve had drugs planted in my car twice, my house was broken into three times in the last eight months, my car has been vandalized

No police records exist that confirm these statements. Also, with all the pictures and videos of Matt’s cars, no damage exist. He’s such a pathetic liar.

Of course, I have repeatedly attempted to file a police report over the recent death threats, but the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is flatly refusing to take a report. 

Because all people have to file police reports in person and Matty B refuses to go to the police out of fear of being arrested for the crimes he actually commits.

Plus, before Matthew Berdyck wrote this, he had a reply from the Sheriff

Sheriff wants to meet with Matt

Over the years, this group has cut me off my from my support network, isolated me, and psychologically tortured me, often bragging that what they are doing to me is the same thing that was done to Martin Luther King

Matthew Berdyck really is just like MLK. Everyone can see that. Both martyrs. Except MLK actually took care of his children, bettered the world, and wasn’t a drug addict, mentally ill or attacking people.

Examining the tropes, in most lone nut job movies, if you want to call me that, the nut job is convinced the government is harassing him and everyone around the guy thinks he has lost his mind.  In my lone nut job story, everyone around me thinks the government is harassing me and I am the only one who knows it’s just a group of trolls and idiots who are manipulating people, which of course causes everyone to tell me I am crazy, leaving me in an infuriating state of cognitive dissonance, constantly looking around myself, with a confused look on my face, like, “What the fuck is happening in my life?”  Welcome to gaslighting central, folks.

Life is not like the movies. Most lone nuts are loners with mental illness. It must be infuriating for Matt to constantly be in a mental state of thinking he is the only sane man in the world.

I have a drive with around 5,000 screenshots proving this is happening to me

And not a single one can be shown on the blog making the accusations. Whenever Matty B puts his actual screenshots out there, people don’t see this evidence Matt thinks he has. It isn’t real that’s why he never shows them.

I have everything I need to put these people behind bars for a long time, but no one will help me, no matter what I do, not the police, not the media, not the FBI, no one.  

And it never occurs to him that maybe he’s insane.

As I type this, I am sitting in a hotel, 2000 miles away from my house, homeless, with nowhere to go

Maybe he could see his kids? Either of them? Oops. Forgot they hate his guts.

My only consolation in all of this is that in the last few years I have generated a lot of money, so when this all gets to me, I just go get a $300 steak and say fuck it.

Maybe he wouldn’t be homeless if he managed his money a little better? Or didn’t threaten other people?

Now, the only people who can save me, the FBI, look the other way, as I sit here lying awake in the middle of the night, staring off into space, thinking, “This is my life.  I can never turn back. No one is ever going to help me.  I am never going to have a home…”

I am laughing so hard at this. What an imbecilic statement! I love that he’s all butt hurt and crying alone in motel rooms while his guitar collection is sitting thousands of miles away.

All because he made threats against other people in Front Royal Virginia


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  1. This had me laughing so hard thank you for posting this… actually live in Akron Ohio where this douchebag is from he was a year older than me in school him and my brother were actually friends during High School last year he contacted me through Facebook and said he was going to get me fired from my job at the water department because I was directly involved including my own neighborhood of Castle homes (where I currently live healthy and fine) I used to feel bad for this guy but now I wish you would just die I would actually be willing to drive him to the Y Bridge here in Akron and let him jump off as I assisted him over the new safety fence.

    Liked by 1 person

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