Actual Court Records of Matthew Berdyck (public documents)

OHIO COURT RECORDS on Matthew A Berdyck
with the same birthdate and social security
OHIO COURT RECORDS on Matthew A Berdyck (with the same birthdate and social security)
Use the full name – Berdyck, Matthew Alan
Case # ZA0146138 | State of Oregon VS. MATTHEW ALAN BERDYCK













  1. I’ve known Matt since he was a boy. Always a trouble maker and a penchant for incredibly exaggerations. This really does represent a true and accurate record of his criminal activities. I vouch for these as being real. Ask anyone in Kenmore.

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  2. Our group of hackers is looking into this. We were lead to believe this was a site attacking an individual. Now we see it really is the opposite. We do not appreciate being lied to. There will be consequences.

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  3. After reading the Reddit post about this guy last week, I was understandably skeptical. The internet is rife with lies and fake news. This one post proves beyond all doubt that Matt is not telling the truth about anything.

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  4. I would like to see more posts like this. If a guy like that has this kind of record, imagine what he’s doing that isn’t in a paper trail, or hidden in some small town’s police records that aren’t online. Maybe we can all start doing some digging and see what else we come up with. Teamwork!

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  5. So glad we keep a close knit neighborhood around here. After I did some checking, this all looks completely legit. I am warning people know. We don’t truck with people who lie about who they are and can’t be honest about their past.

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  6. He has far worse out there and he knows it. When you get more of the family court stuff out there, which I am working on for you, then you’ll find out who the real Matthew is.

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  7. I am so ashamed for his children. Having a father out there being such a shameful, horrible person and doing absolutely nothing to make their lives better. I hope Matt rots in hell forever.

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  8. I have paid several private investigators a lot of money to find the dirt on Matt. They found all of this and more. My attorneys tell me not to share any of the new items with this blog at this time. I just need to know where to find him. The attorneys can take care of the rest.

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  9. It’s fascinating to see Matthew Berdyck continuing to brag about the pittance Alex Hwang gives him to make a fool of himself online?
    All these years later and he still hasn’t figured out why Alex swooped in out of nowhere and started giving him money (and after a particularly brutal, though thoroughly entertaining, Reddit butthurt session, no less)? I know Matt’s an idiot but I didn’t realize he’s that stupid?
    The money Alex gives Matt in an average month isn’t even 1/20th of what Alex makes off of him in that month, and it’s probably a lot less (I only figured in the numbers from the main site in coming up with the 1/20th figure; actually 1/18.2763 but I rounded the figure up to keep shit simple for stupid)?
    Who else would have that kind of access to Matt’s personal online accounts and online history other than the man who’s internet connection Matt used for months, the man who has mentored almost every tech related purchase Matt’s made since, ensuring those purchases are made from companies owned by friends (Alex’s real friends)?
    As Matt himself has pointed out, that cash isn’t even a significant portion of Alex’s salary, and with Matt generating the money himself that money doesn’t even come out of Alex’s paycheck.
    Sex workers were smart enough to take the power back from the pimps in this digital age, but not Matthew Berdyck. Matt’s only seeing, and will only ever see, a small amount of the money Alex makes off of pimping him for the lulz (lol). Just enough money to buy him some new heels to work that track with and send the money home to daddy.


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