Commentary on the ridiculousness

I am being pursued by an internet vigilante group that is filling the internet with lies, which has caused hundreds of thousands of people, out of the millions that have read my work, to publicly attack me, an effort that destroyed my life and career to the point that they kept me homeless for over eighteen months of my life, almost killing me

How did a group of people almost kill someone they have never met?

This is a hard sell to seasoned FBI investigators. Explain that one, Matthew. It isn’t actually possible.

 share a fake copy of my criminal record with everyone they know

What about the criminal records is fake?


matthew berdyck
Use the full name – Berdyck, Matthew Alan
Case # ZA0146138 | State of Oregon VS. MATTHEW ALAN BERDYCK

Seems pretty straight forward. They include a birthday, social security number, and any investigator will quickly see this really is his criminal record. Any idiot with internet can see this is Matt’s record. And it’s a public record.

We fight to expose corrupt local, state, and federal elected and appointed officials for corruption, and occasionally we fight environmental causes, all over the country.

What does that even mean? Expose corruption how? Fight in what way exactly?

This is such bullshit. Writing paranoid theories on a your own blog and paying to promote them on Facebook is hardly some noble endeavor, nor is it particularly legitimate.

Social Justice Warriors take it up on their own seek me out, to attack me, whether I’ve done anything wrong or not.

Based on the screenshots and testimony of dozens and dozens of victims of Matthew Berdyck’s harassment, you’ll have to lean towards the idea that he’s definitely done something wrong. All the time.

In the last three weeks alone I have been denied no less than three rental houses because of what is written on the internet, even though none of it is true, and it’s unlikely that anyone is going to rent me, so it appears that even though I can afford to live in a decent house, I am going to stay homeless until the FBI intervenes and forces this group, and everyone involved with them, to stop stalking me.

What are the names and contact information of the landlords that will verify that they denied you a place to stay singularly for the reason of these blogs or the posts on Google?

Are you sure it isn’t the lack of credit from the standard application? What about the background check on a criminal record? How about the references? And then there is the employment verification.

Aren’t those far more likely to be reasons to be declined for housing than Google results of screenshots of your own words?

The poor guy thinks he is making himself sound so sympathetic. Most people live in the real world, have had to apply for an apartment before and know that Google results do not rate high on the priorities of a landlord if they have a tenant with money, a good job, great references, and no criminal record.

Royal Examiner started publishing fake news articles about me, using their comments section to further harass me, telling people to report me to the FBI for being an activist

I think the people writing the articles were exposing the fact that he isn’t an activist. Matthew Berdyck and no one associated with have any scientific background, and cannot find a single scientist to vouch for the organization.

To add insult to injury, since I am a disabled person

Which disability is it? Is it the Bipolar Disorder? Is it the fibromyalgia? Nerve damage? The story has changed so many times. That is an insult to all the truly disabled people.

I’ve had drugs planted in my car twice

I highly recommend the FBI or Sheriff check his car, his cabin, and definitely do a hair test for narcotics. An anonymous source tells me that Matt has had a lot of marijuana outside of the states where it is legal.

legendary YouTube drummer Josh Steffen, was contacted by this vigilante group and staff at the Royal Examiner, who were lying to him

Can you believe people had the audacity to send the same email Matthew Berdyck sent from the email address of “” to the FBI and local Sheriff and media, and dared to sent it to Josh!  Not sure how that is a lie, especially one verified by so many unrelated individuals who received the exact same email, including those in city government.

All of this is much more than just someone writing bad things about me, this is coordinated organized crime, a cyber stalking effort which has terrorized me and left me homeless, for the third time, and has been going on, for well over a half a decade.

Is it technically “bad things” to post screenshots of the man’s own words?

The only reason this psychopath is homeless is because he runs himself out of town every where he goes and he cannot rent a room because of the aforementioned lack of job, no credit, bad references, and the inability to pass a background check.

I have repeatedly attempted to file a police report over the recent death threats, but the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is flatly refusing to take a report.  I have fought with them to take a report for over two months, because of posts that the vigilante group put up threatening to “cut off my hands so the cops can’t identify the body” and publicly encouraging people to break into my home and rob me, as the sheriff’s office has denied me a right to police services.

Update:  After this was published, I attempted to send an e-mail to Lt Foster, from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, which went through, and then he blocked my e-mail address, in order to further deny me access to police services.

The most hilarious part? The guy thinks they are denying him services when he cannot properly spell the word “sheriff” in the email address.

I have a drive with around 5,000 screenshots proving this is happening to me

When he is the only person who can see any of the screenshots out of 5,000 then you have to know he is crazy.

My only consolation in all of this is that in the last few years I have generated a lot of money

And not a job, references, or the ability to overcome a terrible criminal background check so he can get a place to live. Something must be very wrong.

I have slowly and methodically uncovered what I would call non-classified national secrets

Tin foil hat time!

My knowledge is so vast and diverse, and very clearly accurate, that at one point an FBI agent called me to ask me what part of the government I used work for. 

Maybe he doesn’t know what the words “very” or “clearly” or “accurate” mean.

And that conversation never happened. Just like the one with Dr. Josh never happened the way Matt remembers it.

a well known national “veteran investigative journalist’s” attempts to have me arrested for being a “mass gun shooter,” even though I have never owned a gun in my life and never would.

Maybe she thought he was a “mass gun shooter” because he sent her an email saying he was a potential “mass gun shooter”

And if he’s never owned a gun, why tell everyone he owns a shotgun and intended to use it on anyone who came near him?

See how powerful screenshots are? We don’t have anywhere near 5,000 and yet we can show quite a bit here. It helps to not be insane.

You see, many years ago, I was presented with Pandora’s Box, and I opened it.

Illegal hacking is not exactly “Pandora’s Box” as much as it is a “felony” and will end up being the end of this madman.

Normally this kind of buffoonery would be hilarious. Instead, I am sad. Sad that this man has two children that have never had any support from their father. Life can be so cruel to know that he is bragging about $300 steaks when he never paid a nickel towards his daughter’s life or education. That his son has to  grow up and see that his father is crazy and ruining so many lives, even beyond his own.

To all the government agencies reading this, know that we are within the bounds of all state and federal laws. Screenshots are used legally under Fair Use.The First Amendment protects our free speech. No one writing here has made any threats. The blog is not responsible for any comments made by third parties.




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