More Contradictions – Matt is saying he was not run out of town… conflicting with his scam for money claiming he was

“They Took my Home From Me” GoFundMeScam

gofundme 001




  1. I knew Matt when he was here before he moved south. He talked a lot, real big game. I thought Matt was just another blow hard. He really creeped us out.


  2. All of us watched this unfold on the Blue Mountain group on Facebook. Matthew made up a lot of grandiose lies about himself and his career and immediately started to flame anyone who questioned him. That poor bastard thought we were all stupid and we saw right through his various scams and self aggrandizing.


  3. I tried to stay out of the flame war on the Facebook realm. Reading all this ancillary material, there can be no doubt Matt is suffering from some kind of psychological disorder. He should be on serious medication.


  4. I think there is an unlimited amount of material Matt generates in his online battles. All of which can be used in court against him. With so many of us getting together and sharing information, experience, and talking with the Sheriff’s department, even after Matt has moved away, since we now have his new address just a bit south of here, we can file both civil suits and criminal charges. I am completely on board with you all and will contribute to the fund.


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