Berdyck reached out to Tran REAL NEWS FROM REAL REPORTERS

Less than a month prior to his circulation of an aggressively personal blog attack on EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald, accompanied by corresponding swipes at the ITFederal project at Royal Phoenix and EPA Superfund cleanup efforts, “” principal Matthew Berdyck reached out to ITFederal CEO Truc “Curt” Tran by e-mail.

And for anyone aware of the content of Berdyck’s January 18 blog post, what is contained in that December e-mail may come as a surprise. – For if Berdyck was questioning McDonald’s integrity, Tran’s ITFederal plan, and the effectiveness of the EPA cleanup at Avtex, on December 23 he was singing a different tune.

Photos/Roger Bianchini

“I have been paying attention to this IT Federal deal, for quite some time, because as a Silicon Valley transplant, whose business partner works for Facebook, I know the value of what you are bringing to town, the socioeconomic benefits, the value that tech workers can hold to our local economy,” Berdyck’s e-mail to Tran begins.  “I for one, stand in total support of your efforts, and I really want you to move forward with this project … I feel very strongly about you bringing this data center to our town, and I hope you can ignore the haters, and make this happen … At the same time, I have fully investigated the site, and found it to be one of the only Superfund sites I have come across, in a long time, that was actually cleaned up correctly.”


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