That’s because he doesn’t owe you anything dipshit


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  1. Remember, Josh was made aware, in writing, of this series of events and what would happen if he took any disputes out in public, and as a result, since he was made aware, all 120 posts you’ve put up today can be used against him in a court of law. You can feel free to keep going, but every post you put up adds another piece of evidence. Considering Josh sent Matt copies of the e-mails from the Jeffrey Collins account, and Alex worked internally to delete the account, an employee of Facebook, who is from Wisconsin who is party to the suit will be on hand to confirm that account is fake and was deleted for contacting Josh. After this a written agreement was established for what to do if he was contacted and he violated it. In this case, since this is a written business deal that has been violated, rather than trying to sue some anonymous entity Josh is liable for everything that happened after he took the matter in public. You’ve lost this one.


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