487 victims listed on this blog & all of THEM are cyberbullies, not Matt. Suuuuuurrrrre. LOL


One comment

  1. Its as if you’re stupid, like you can’t comprehend your own failure, as if anyone with a brain can’t figure out your scam. You can post all you want, and make up any number of “victims” but the facts are, there’s not a single human being with an IQ over 80 that can’t detect your lies and idiocy.

    Activists gain opponents. They become infamous. Far more have fought against Brockovich but she doesn’t have a loser with nothing better to do screencapping everyone who disagrees with her.

    Keep failing dip shit. Keep posting evidence of your fraud. Keep proving Matt’s story. Keep exploiting people who have no idea what you’re really using their words for.

    You’re an intellectually deficient human being. It’s really very sad. We feel for you and hope you can get some much needed help.


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