The time has come for more nothing to happen – we are winning, he knows it, and hates it


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  1. The assumption that “nothing has happened” is just that. Since you’ve been kept in the dark for the last several months about the actual series of events playing out, while arrogantly assuming your watchful was catching it all, we were able to make specific moves, and what we required of you was to do this, everything you are doing, and we even told you that you should be wary of the coming… whatever it is, because everything that has led us to here has been a little game to get you to hang yourself out to dry. You use the same tactics over and over again, which makes you very, very easy to beat. Not only do we now have a way to make sure we get the last laugh, we have ways to fight Erin Brockovich, right in the heart of the television industry, where we’ve already done 50,000 hits worth of marketing of our name. Since you only look at the Matthew Berdyck pages and the .org page, this has allowed us to go on, fighting battles, because you’re too fucking stupid to find our other pages. Hell, you have probably been scouring Washington for two months trying locate Matt, but you lost him. If this is your version of winning, you’re the biggest loser on the planet.. and probably the fattest


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